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Did you know that many Kosher products are available in local supermarkets in or near Shoreline?

QFC and Safeway, both of University Village in Seattle have a Kosher section. They typically carry, grape-juice, Kosher wine, Kosher snacks, Kosher Sushi, chocolate, yartzeit candles etc. For Passover, they have a decent selection of Matzah and dry-goods.

Locally, Trader Joe's on the corner of N 175th St and Aurora Ave carries a limited selection of fresh Kosher meat and chicken under the Teva and Empire brands. Whole and cut-up chicken, brisket, ground beef, stew meat and rib-eye. They also have a selection of Kosher Pas Yisrael artisanal breads and even Challah! Their Kosher potato Latkes and Brooklyn Babka are a must buy!

Total Wine has quite a selection of Kosher wine. QFC in University Village has a growing selection as well.

However, online groceries retailer (formerly known as Affordable Kosher) will be your widest range of Kosher products. They only deliver to select locations in Shoreline, with our Chabad being one of them. If you would like to order your groceries and have them delivered to us for you to pick up, please notify us. NOTE: Chabad of Shoreline does not assume any liability or responsibility for possible damage or theft of your groceries.  

The Chabad Jewish Russian Center in Shoreline provides travelers with Kosher meal options as well.